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Where is my computer located on my 7.3L Ford?

On a 95-97 model trucks the computer is located behind the emergency brake bracket.  You will need to remove the (3) 15mm nuts holding the bracket in place and slide it out of the way.  There will be a hole in the kick panel to access the rear of the computer.

On 99-03 trucks the computer is located beside the emergency brake bracket under the dash.  To remove it from the truck you will need to disconnect the batteries.  Loosen the 10mm bolt that goes into the wire harness that goes through the firewall from the engine compartment connected to the computer.  Then remove the (2) 7mm screws holding the computer case to the emergency brake bracket.  IF your truck is a manual it is easier to remove the bracket holding the computer case.  This will require you to remove a 10mm nut and a 10mm bolt.

 On the vans the computer is located under the dash beside the steering shaft.  To remove it you will have to remove the 10mm bolt going into the wire harness, through the firewall into the computer.  Then remove the (2) 10mm bolts holding the wire harness grommet in the firewall and pull the computer out through the firewall into the engine compartment.

I installed a new 7.3L chip. Why won’t my truck start?

The first thing I would check in a no start situation is to make sure the chip is programmed.  Look at the card that came in the bag with your chip.  Is it filled out?  If so then the chip has been programmed.  If it is blank the chip may be blank as well.  

If the chip is programmed you may need to call us to make sure it is programmed to the correct code.  When you call have the code on your computer and the default code wrote on the card that came with the chip handy.  We will ask for both of these codes.

If the chip is programmed correctly then you should check to see if the terminals are clean on your computer.  This is the number one reason for a truck to not start or not run correctly after a chip is installed.  The terminals need to be a shinny copper color to be clean.  IF they are silver then they are not clean enough.

Do I really have to disconnect the batteries when instating a 7.3L chip?

Yes, it is very important to disconnect the batteries anytime you are installing, or removing a 7.3L chip.  Failure to do this can cause damage to the chip and the factory computer.  IF the chip is tested and it is determined it has been fried then we can not cover it under warranty because it was caused by installer error.

When I install my 7.3L 6 position chip do I need to cut a hole in the case for the switch?

No, we do not recommend cutting a hole in the case.  With the case intact it will hold the chip securely in the computer.  This will protect the life of the computer and the chip.  If you do cut the case and the chip gets pulled out while driving or anytime there is power to the computer, it will damage the chip and computer.

Do I have to install the fuel rail shim kit that came with my MP8?

Yes, if you received a shim kit in your package we do require you to use it.  If it is not installed the truck or tractor may go into limp mode.  This shim kit is to increase the resistance on the spring in the fuel pressure relief valve.  

Do I have to install the switch with my MP8? 

The switch that came with the MP8 does have to be plugged in for the mp8 to work properly.  If the switch is not connected the MP8 will run at stock power.  It can be zip tied out of the way in the engine compartment if you do not want to run it through the firewall.

How does the MP8 switch work?

By turning the switch in a clockwise motion you will see an increase in power.  The switch will make almost a full turn.  By turning the switch counter-clockwise you will decrease the power gain until you get back to stock.

I installed an MP8 on my application and now when I start the engine it lopes at idle.

If your engine is loping at idle then you have a loose connection or one of the connectors is plugged in, upside down in the fuel pressure connector.  This is a sign that the truck is not getting a good fuel pressure signal.  You will need to check the connections to make sure they are tight and not plugged in upside down.  This can happen when connecting to the sensor or to the factory wire harness.  Also check the wires going to our connectors to make sure they are not loose or pulled out.

Where should I connect the power harness for my Stryker?  

We recommend connecting directly to the battery for 12v power.  There is a relay that comes off the battery post but it does not have constant 12v power.  So it cannot be used.  If the Stryker does not have power to it the truck will run just as it did stock.

Where do you recommend picking up power for the MPHD?  

We recommend connecting directly to the battery for 12v power.  There is a relay that comes off the battery post but it does not have constant 12v power. We normally connect directly to the hot side of the alternator or you can go to the positive side of the battery.  Either location will work but you must have a constant 12v power source in order for the MPHD to work properly.  If it loses its power source then the engine will run just as it did without the MPHD.